Genesys Consulting

Hello, my name is Robert Beard. I am a Genesys Consultant with over ten years of experience in the areas of:

  • Installation, Configuration, Operation, and Troubleshooting of Genesys version 8.x Framework, Routing, Reporting and GVP solutions
  • Development of Genesys IRD voice interaction routing strategies, and Composer-built SCXML routing applications
  • Development of GVP IVR applications
  • Use and Customization of CCPulse+ and CCAnalyzer real-time and historical solution reporting
  • Pulse installation, configuration and customization
  • InfoMart Deployment
  • Historical Reporting Development using Genesys Interactive Insights, and Genesys Customer Experience Insights.
  • GPlus Adapter installation

Thanks for visiting my website!


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